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Mathematics;5th - Celeste McKenzie

Due Date Assignment Description
1/1/2001 Math tutorials

Tutorial links

I have created the following MATH TUTORIALS to assist with lessons throughout the year. Click on the desired lesson and view my step by step instructions.

Topic 13 - Order of Operations

Topic 7-10 Subtract mixed numbers

Topic 7-8 Add mixed numbers with unlike denominators:

Lesson 6-7 divide a decimal by a decimal (click on link below.)

 Rounding and Estimation

chapter 10.1 LCM & LCD
Compare/order fractions
Mixed numbers/improper fractions
compare/order fractions
Decimal in the quotient
Long division with a 2 digit divisor
Compatible numbers with a 2 digit divisor
Long Division
9.3 G
reatest Common Factor

 Multiplying Fractions
Subtracting fractions & Mixed Numbers

Adding fractions and Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators
Chapter 11.4/5 Add unlike denominators

 Estimate the sums & differences of mixed numbers

 mixed number x whole number

14.2 Multiply a fraction by a mixed number

 Area of a triangle
Area of a trapezoid:

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