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  Welcome to my webpage! Visit often to keep informed about all things 5th grade!


Click the links below for our textbooks and practice sites. 


   Welcome incoming 5th grade families! I am excited to have you join my class for the 2020-2021 school year. Fifth grade is a wonderful place where your studies  come alive, and I look forward to sharing many wonderful learning experiences with you. I ask that you join me in prayer for Tristan Barhorst, and keep him alive in your thoughts, your prayers, and in the memories you've shared together over the years as a SBS family.
Enjoy your summer, and I hope to see you all "in person" soon. 

Below are the summer work requirements. 

Students Entering Grade 5 Summer Math Requirements

Complete the End-of-Year Review packet pages 155-170 in the back of your math workbook 4B.  Work should be shown on a separate piece of paper. The following problems do not have to be completed, but we would like you to try them - #s 22, 23, 24, 25, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

Students Entering Grade 5 Summer Reading Requirements

Students entering grade 5 are required to read at least 2 books. We suggest parents help students choose suitable books for their child. Students can choose any two books that are appropriate levels and content. Parents should check each book’s grade level and choose books that match their child’s instructional level. 

The following website is a good source to find out about each title.  It will give you a brief description and also gives a rating for educational value, violence, language, etc. 

Students Entering Grade 5 Summer Writing Requirements

You are required to write one response for each of the two books you read this summer. That is a total of two written responses. Each response should be one to two complete fifth grade paragraphs. Be sure to include details and examples from the book.  Please include the question number and complete question that you are responding to. Do not choose the same question twice.
Questions for non-fiction books are at the end of the list.

Q 1) Compare two characters from the book; describe their similarities and their differences.

Q 2) Describe how a character changed throughout the book. Explain what the character was like at first, and then describe the ways the character changed.

Q 3) Write about your favorite part of the book and tell why you enjoyed it. Describe how you felt when you were reading your favorite part.

Q4) What is the main problem or conflict in the story? Was the problem resolved? Tell how this happened.

Q5) Tell about an important lesson learned by a character in the book.  Explain how it changed him or her. Compare it to a lesson you have learned in life.

If you were a character in this book, who would you be? Why? Give at least two different reasons.

Q7)  Is there a character in this book who reminds you of a friend, or a character from another book you’ve read? Tell how these two characters are alike.


Q8)  Write about the most interesting or exciting part of the book and describe what made it interesting or exciting.  Be sure to explain the answer thoroughly. 


If you read a non-fiction book choose one of these questions.

NF 1) What questions do you have for the author of this book? Why would you ask these particular questions? Write at least 6 questions and explain why you would like to know that information.

NF 2) Would you recommend this book to a friend? Give at least 4 reasons why, and explain each.

NF 3) What do you think you will remember most about this book? Why was it memorable to you?