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Welcome to Kindergarten! 


We are so excited to begin this new journey with you! Kindergarten is an amazing year of social and academic growth filled with many adventures. Here are some things you need to know to get the school year off to a great start.


Some social skills and behaviors expected of children entering kindergarten:


  • To listen attentively, remembering that one person speaks at a time.
  • To concentrate on and finish a task.
  • To show self control in words and actions.
  • To take care of personal belongings, going to the bathroom, washing hands, and cleaning up after themselves in the classroom and at lunch.
  • To follow directions.
  • To use inside voices in the classroom.
  • To remain seated during lessons and at lunch time.


Some academic skills and knowledge expected of beginning kindergarten children:


  • recognize and name most uppercase and lowercase letters
  • write their own name and other letters they are familiar with
  • recognize numbers 1-10
  • count up to 10 objects using one-to-one correspondence (e.g. count one object per number)
  • recognize, name, and draw basic shapes
  • recognize and name colors
  • use pencils, crayons, and scissors appropriately
  • use complete sentences to express their thoughts and ideas


   Have a happy, healthy, and safe summer! I can’t wait to see you all in August!