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Dear Parents,

We are so proud of how hard the children have been working and how quickly they took to our new style of learning. We want to take a moment, to thank all of you for your constant support and patience during this unprecedented time. Please continue to check your email as well as our class story in Class Dojo for important information and updates, as well as, upload pictures of your child’s work. Weekly zooms have been going well, it is so refreshing to see all the children and hear their exciting stories. Hopefully we will soon get to share these experiences in the classroom!

During the next few weeks, we will be reviewing measuring objects with non-standard units such as cubes and paper clips. We will also learn about weight and capacity. We will then dive into money and begin to learning the names and values of the coins. We will work on determining the value of a group of coins to $1.00.

In Language Arts, we will continue working on the short vowel sounds as well as reviewing initial and final consonants. We will begin working on blends and digraphs. We will review the main idea, characters, and plot of a story. Please encourage your child to continue to practice using proper capitalization and punctuation when writing a sentence. In the next few weeks, we will explore writing asking sentences and using question marks!

Words to Know

A    am   have    I     is     little    the    to    we    my    like    he    for    an    can    in    me    with she    of    see     look    they    you    are    that    do    one    two    three    four    five    here    go     from    blue green yellow    what    was    said    where    come

As we read stories we discuss:

  •  Look for the beginning, middle, and ending of a story.
  •  Look for the problem and solution in a story.
  •  Discuss if the story is fiction or non-fiction.
  •  Discuss the characters, setting, and main idea
  •  Tell if the story is reality or fantasy
 Things to practice:
  •  Continue to have your child read to you at home. Reading 15 min. a day allows your child to strengthen reading skills we have been working in our zoom calls.
  •  Write first and last name.
  •  Continue with recognition of sight words
  •  Writing sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation.
  •  Practice forming numbers 1-30
  •  Practice adding and subtracting to 10 with the use of pictures or manipulatives
  •  Identifying values of coins and counting groups of coins to $1.00

   Many Blessings,

   Mrs. Dunn