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Welcome to First Grade!




Dear Parents, 


            I am so excited for a new school year. It feels as though each year the summer just gets shorter and shorter, even though we could not go to many places this year! I am looking forward to an amazing school year with all of you. Enjoy the first grade and treasure how much your child grows!

Curriculum Update



Language Arts

Our reading series is called Reading Street. It starts off with a collection of short stories that are all about friendship and working together. We will read The Big Top, School Day, and Farmer’s Market. Our phonics work goes hand in hand with the stories. The students will be reviewing their short vowels. Please go on to for additional reading and phonics work. 



We continue using Math in Focus this year. During the month of September, the students will work on recognizing numbers to ten in word form. They will also begin learning about addition and subtraction strategies.



Students will learn all about God's creations and how we are called to take care of the wonderful gifts that He has given us.  


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at 

Mrs. Michelle E. Geoffrey