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Happy Easter! This month we will discuss Easter and spring as times of new life. We will learn that the Easter season is a time of great joy in the Church. We will identify Jesus as the Good Shepherd because he loves us and cares for us like a shepherd does for his sheep. We will talk about ways we can care for all of God’s creation. We will also learn how Jesus is always with us in the sacrament of Holy Communion.


Reading/Language Arts

This month in language arts we are continuing with our theme, Going Places. We will read a nonfiction, a fantasy, and an informational text. We will learn the sounds of short u, v, and z. We will practice identifying the main idea, plot, and characters of a story. We will review drawing conclusions and comparing/contrasting. We will learn what prepositions are and review nouns. Our new words for the month are: what, said, was, where, and come.

As we read stories we discuss:

  • Look for the beginning, middle, and ending of a story.
  • Look for the problem and solution in a story.
  • Discuss if the story is fiction or non-fiction.
  • Discuss the characters, setting, and main idea
  • Tell if the story is reality or fantasy

Words to Know

A                 am               have             I                  is                 little             the               to we               my               like               he                for               an               can               in me               with             she              of                 see               look            they              you            are               that             do                one              two              three            four              five 

here             go               from



In math, children will practice writing number sentences to reflect a variety of subtraction stories. In the sentences, they will learn to use the minus sign (-) as well as the now-familiar equal to sign (=). They will solve subtraction situations using fingers, cubes, and counters by counting back. Children will fully familiarize themselves with subtraction facts to 5.

We will additionally compare weights, capacities, and events in time. Students will learn to measure and compare weights using non-standard units. We will introduce measuring objects using a balance scale. Children will learn to compare capacities of containers using the terms holds more, holds less, and hold the same amount. Lastly, students will compare events and decide which takes more or less time.

Finally, we will learn to count money as an extension of skills children already have, such as addition, subtraction, and forming number sentences. Children will learn to identify coins by appearance and value. We will add different combinations of coins to pay for objects.


Important Dates

April 1st Early Dismissal at 1:05pm for Holy Thursday

April 2nd No School for Good Friday

April 6th Spirit Wear Day OR Dress Down Day for $1 for St. Vincent DePaul in Waterbury

April 9th School Mass at 9:00am

April 12th – 16th No School for Spring Break

April 19th HSA Family Eat Out Night at Panera in Southington from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

April 21st Third Trimester Progress Reports sent home

April 23rd School Mass at 9:00am

April 26th IOWAS begin for Grades 4 – 7 and Auction Dress Down Day from 2020 Auction (rescheduled from April 29th)

April 30th School Mass at 9:00am