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Hello everybody! Welcome, and thanks for checking out Mrs. Nott's class! 

* During this time of virtual learning, please check here for a recap of what 6th grade is responsible for each day.

6N Faith:

Lenten Journal: How has your prayer life been this Lent?

1) Watch this video:

2) Create a recipe card. Your recipe should include the necessary ingredients, and steps that it takes to create a successful prayer life. Get creative.

3) Upload a photo of your recipe card here.

6N Literature:

Based on what you’ve read from Chapter 15, draw a picture of your prediction of what’s to come in Chapter 16. Your picture should be labeled with writing about your prediction.

Upload your photo to Google Classroom.

6N Language Arts:


Write a handwritten short story in paste tense (no more than 2 paragraphs) about an imaginary friend where the imaginary friend had come for a vist. We’re going to include details about the imaginary friend. How long does the imaginary friend stay in our character’s life? How close were they?

· In your story, use were, where and we’re appropriately throughout to demonstrate your understanding of when to use each word. Whenever you use were, where and we’re, underline your words so that they stand out.

Take a photo of your short story and upload to Google Classroom.

Social Studies - Edit and revise Greek Research Paper if needed due Friday 27th

Math 6A & B - Continue to work on finding total cost and sales Tax - Assignment on google classroom.

Science 6A & 6B- Finish working on Class Rock Collection and begin work on Life Has a History assignment.

Spanish - Continue to work on your script for the puppet show. Instructions are on Google Classroom.