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Grade 7 Faith

This month, we are focusing on the Sacraments. How does Christ's resurrection bring us into the life of Grace? What is an efficacious sign? What are the Sacraments, and what part can each one play in our lives? These are all questions we will discuss in Faith class this month.


Grade 6 Spanish

We are completing our unit on using adjectives to describe nouns, with focus on indefinite and definite articles and choosing or modifying the adjective to match the noun. Soon we will begin a unit on school subjects, and we'll take the step of conjugating verbs so that we can express who is doing the action.


Grade 7 Spanish

 We are finishing our experience with giving advice about healthy eating and habits, and we will soon begin study of places to go in a community. We'll conjugate the irregular verb ir and use it to tell where we go and to form a future tense, telling what people are going to do.


 Grade 8 Spanish

We are focusing on chores, including giving commands, telling about actions currently in progress using the present progressive tense, and explaining what people can and cannot do by using the stem-changing verb poder. Soon we will begin a study of shopping and clothing, with focus on demonstrative adjectives and the preterit tense.


April dates:

April 1st Early Dismissal at 1:05pm for Holy Thursday

Ø April 2nd No School for Good Friday

Ø April 6th Spirit Wear Day OR Dress Down Day for $1 for St. Vincent DePaul in Waterbury

Ø April 9th School Mass at 9:00am

Ø April 12th – 16th No School for Spring Break

Ø April 19th HSA Family Eat Out Night at Panera in Southington from 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Ø April 21st Third Trimester Progress Reports sent home

Ø April 23rd School Mass at 9:00am

Ø April 26th IOWAS begin for Grades 4 – 7 and Auction Dress Down Day from 2020 Auction (rescheduled from April 29th)

Ø April 30th School Mass at 9:00am