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Prek3 has been practicing their first and last names which is very exciting! Please also work on this with your child at home. Please continue practicing the Hail Mary and Our Father with your child. During calendar time we review the month it is, the day of the week it is, the season, as well as the year it is. This month we will be talking a lot about different kinds of weather, Spring, flowers, plants and different types of insects. We will be reading books all about Spring, insects and flowers. We will be doing Spring crafts and weather crafts! Please practice number recognition 1-10 with your child as we have also been working on that in the classroom. Having the students be able to recognize numbers 1-10 is important!! For example, you can print out flash cards and separately ask your child which number represents each flash card! Happy Spring!! Stay well!

 Sincerely, Ms. Guerrera